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The outboard performance innovation you've read about in BASS & WALLEYE BOATS, BASSMASTER, B.A.S.S. TIMES, HONEY HOLE, POWERBOAT, TRAILER BOAT and HOT BOAT magazines is here!

Fishermen know there's more to outboard performance than just going fast. Whether you're a tournament bass angler who demands a faster hole shot, a walleye fanatic who depends on a smooth-trolling outboard, or a saltwater sportsman who's conscious of rising fuel costs, here's the quickest, surest route to a better-running outboard: Boyesen Power Reeds! If you're a fisherman running an outboard from 9.9 to 300 hp, you'll feel the difference Boyesen Power Reeds can make with your very first run!

Reeds are one-way valves controlling the amount of air/fuel mixture entering the crankcase of your outboard engine, then sealing it in to prevent it from escaping. Every two-cycle outboard has them. But the stock reeds in your outboard have a single-stage design that limits their efficiency. That's why stock outboards often cough and sputter at idle, fail to deliver a good hole shot, feel boggy or lifeless under throttle application, burn too much fuel or lack top-end punch. Plus, standard reeds are made of metal. Should one break, it could cause extensive damage to your outboard.

Boyesen Power Reeds are different...and better! They feature a patented dual-stage design allowing our reeds to respond instantly to any change in air/fuel flow as you accelerate or back off the throttle. The result? A dramatic increase in efficiency and performance across the entire power band, from start-up to flat out!

  • FASTER STARTS! No more sitting and cranking while the other guys are heading for your honey hole. With Boyesen Power Reeds, your outboard performs great from the instant you turn the key!
  • SMOOTHER IDLE! No more coughing, sputtering and dying. Boyesen Power Reeds smooth out the rough spots and cure coughing outboards!
  • FASTER HOLE SHOT! When you bury the throttle at blastoff time, your Boyesen-equipped outboard will leap into action and put you out front of the pack!
  • BLAZING ACCELERATION! Boyesen Power Reeds increase your outboard's acceleration so dramatically that they're banned on the B.A.S.S. Tournament Trail! (Registered trademark of Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of America, Inc.
  • SMOOTHER TROLliNG! An outboard equipped with Boyesen Power Reeds will troll down to a heartbeat, allowing more precise bait or lure presentation!
  • INCREASED FUEL ECONOMY! Because they're far more efficient than ordinary reeds, Boyesen Power Reeds can make your outboard up to 10% more fuel efficient!
  • INCREASED RPM AND TOP-END! Boyesen Power Reeds deliver a 100 to 300 rpm boost to your outboard, together with top-end performance designed to put you on the winning track!
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